Jan 16, 2014

Nightlife In Salvador, Brazil

Nightlife In Salvador, Brazil
Wondering about the nightlife in Salvador, Brazil? You won't be short of nightlife options or places to party in Salvador. The people of Salvador are well known as being party fanatics! The areas of Pelourinho and Rio Vermelho are where you will find the best venues to party. The nightlife scene in Salvador is a lot more laid-back and casual in comparison to Sao Paulo or Rio de Janeiro and you won't find any "yuppie" and pretentious bars and clubs here. Here are the best places to party in Salvador, Brazil....

Sankofa African Bar:

Sankofa African Bar Salvador, Brazil
Address: Ladeira de Sao Miguel, 7, Pelourinho, Salvador, Brazil.
Music: Samba, Salsa, Electro.
Sankofa African Bar is located in a colonial house decorated in an African style. This is the place that people come to who want to just dance all night. The venue's dance floor is often packed with both locals and tourists dancing to the beat of live samba, salsa and DJs mixing international beats, especially from Africa.

San Sebastian:

San Sebastian Salvador, Brazil
Address: Rua da Paciencia, 88, Rio Vermelho, Salvador, Brazil.
Music: Electro, Pop.
San Sebastian is an after hours LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender) nightclub. San Sebastian has three floors and a VIP stateroom. This club often hosts some of the best DJs from Brazil, and from all over the world. Upstairs you'll find house and electro, downstairs is usually for American and Brazilian pop. This is a modern, up-to-date club that easily holds its own against the best LGBT venues in Rio or Sao Paulo.

Commons Studio Bar:

Commons Studio Bar Salvador, Brazil
Address: Rua Doutor Odilon Santos, 224, Rio Vermelho, Salvador, Brazil.
Music: Live Music.
on the Red River, the bohemian neighborhood of Salvador, the Commons Studio Bar is a space designed for concerts and artistic performances. The music programming focuses on live acts, featuring new Brazilian music and provides a great escape from the numerous electro clubs in Salvador. This place still gets really packed, but the vibe is a lot more relaxed.

Off Club:

Off Club Salvador, Brazil
Address: Rua Dias D Avila, 33, Barra, Salvador, Brazil.
Music: Electro, House, Pop.
Off Club is a very popular gay and lesbian club, open Thursday through Sunday. A variety of events attract locals of all social classes. Friday night is the busiest night here, but you will find it is reasonably full most nights. This club attracts a mixed crowd of both male and female clubbers. On Friday the DJs play electro flashback hits, while Saturday is house and techno night. The other nights are a mishmash with go-go boys, drag queens, and other performers.

Bahia Cafe Hall:

Bahia Cafe Hall Salvador, Brazil
Address: Av Luiz Viana Filho, Paralela, Salvador, Brazil.
Music: Live Music, Electro.
The Bahia Cafe Hall is a popular bar and dance club close to Centro. The view from the club, overlooking the bay is amazing! Bahia Cafe is open Thursday to Sunday and hosts popular local and regional bands, with DJs to keep the crowd going between sets. For those that stay until the early hours of the morning, you will be treated to some soup or spaghetti on the house! This is a great place to come to if you want to listen to a great variety of music throughout the night and not just one style.


D’Venetta Salvador, Brazil
Address: Rua dos Adobes, 12, Santo Antonio, Salvador, Brazil.
Music: Samba, Choro, Jazz.
D'Venetta is a really cool space devoted to high-quality samba and choro, often on Sunday afternoons. This place attracts a crowd mostly made up of university students. Music begins around 3 p.m. D'Venetta is located in a historic house and has a very relaxed vibe.

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