Dec 3, 2013

Cost Of Living In Costa Rica

Cost Of Living In Costa Rica
Want to know the cost of living in Costa Rica? The cost of living in Costa Rica may not be as cheap as you think. The currency in Costa Rica is the Costa Rican Colon. While the cost of living in Costa Rica is generally more affordable than in most large "western" countries, it’s not as cheap as some other Latin American countries. In some of the posh Pacific beach towns, you can expect to pay $4,000USD a month or more to live in average accommodations near the water. Areas towards to middle of the country are a bit cheaper and you would expect to pay around $1,900USD all inclusive for a month. That is to live there though. It includes things like rent, gasoline, car use, electricity bills etc. Not everyone is coming to Costa Rica to live, many are tourists that just want to spend a few weeks here, so I will break down some individual prices of things that I believe most people will use and you can use that as a guide to work out some kind of budget. It really comes down to how you want to travel... people that want to go out partying every night and eat out every night are obviously going to spend a lot more than a traveler that cooks some of their own meals and has a few quiet nights each week....

*All prices are in U.S. Dollars and are approximates. Prices will vary from town to town and suburb to suburb....


Loaf of bread                                                              $1.80
1 litre of milk                                                               $1.40
Pasta 500g                                                                  $1.60
Rice 500g                                                                   $1.00
Sugar 500g                                                                 $1.00
12 eggs                                                                       $2.60
1kg chicken breast                                                       $8.00
1 Apple                                                                       $0.50
1 Tomato                                                                     $0.30
1kg potatoes                                                                $1.00
1.5 litre water                                                               $2.00
Bottle of wine                                                             $12.00
Beer 0.33 litre                                                             $1.60
Pack of cigarettes                                                        $2.00


Meal, inexpensive restaurant                                       $7.00
Meal, mid-range restaurant                                        $18.00
McDonalds                                                                $7.00
Pizza (pick-up)                                                           $4.20
Cappuccino                                                                $2.60

Public Transport:

Bus (one way fare within city)                                      $0.80
Taxi (1km with tariff)                                                    $2.35


Gym (1 month)                                                           $40.00
Movies                                                                       $7.00
Nightclub (entry)                                                         $5.00


Room in a private home (month)                                 $160.00
Apartment (month)                                                     $500.00
Hostel (per night, dorm bed)                                       $13.00
Hotel (per night, 4 star)                                               $80.00


As I said before, it really depends on your standard of living. If you were to go out a couple of nights per week, spread your eating between cooking yourself and eating out then a figure of about $1,500USD - $2000USD per month, should be more than enough for the average traveler. You can definitely live a lot cheaper than this, but at the same time, depending on your lifestyle, you can also spend a lot more.

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