Nov 5, 2013

Study Spanish In Medellin, Colombia

Study Spanish In Medellin, Colombia
Looking for places to study Spanish in Medellin, Colombia? Like Cali, Medellin doesn't have a lot of Spanish Schools. But also like Cali, the ones Medellin does have are of great quality! If you are staying in a hostel, most of them offer Spanish classes or can organise them for you with a private teacher. But if you prefer the classroom style of learning then you do have a few options. Here are the best places to study Spanish in Medellin, Colombia....

If you need some help, Study Spanish Colombia is a great resource for finding Spanish schools in Medellin. You can find them at

EAFIT University:

EAFIT University Medellin, Colombia
Address: Carrera 49 #7s-50, Medellin, Colombia.
The Spanish Program for Foreigners at EAFIT University, Medellin, is a language acquisition program designed especially for people interested in developing the ability to communicate in this language. The university is considered to be one of the premier universities in Colombia and offers several different Spanish courses, depending on what your needs are.

UPB University:

UPB University Medellin, Colombia
Address: Carrera 43C #5-173, El Poblado Medellin, Colombia.
UPB university offers 5 different Spanish courses depending on your current level. A Spanish assessment can be organised when you enroll, so that you can be placed into the correct course.

Medellin Launguage Academy:

Medellin Language Academy - Colombia
Address: Calle 10 #38-49, El Poblado, Medellin, Colombia.
Medellin Language Academy offer teaching methods tailored to it's students needs. We all learn in different ways and the teachers at the academy can and will adapt their teaching methods to suit the needs of the student. You will be taken to restaurants and taught to order lunch in Spanish, taken to a supermarket and taught how to buy groceries in Spanish. The course not only teaches you the language but how to use it in real life situations. This school is the most recommended language school in Medellin.

Conversational Spanish Made Easy:

Conversational Spanish Made Easy
Sometimes it isn't practical to travel to a class or there may be times when a private tutor isn't available in the area you are staying. Perhaps you would like to get a head start on your Spanish before you arrive in Colombia. If any of this applies to you then you should really consider a Conversational Spanish Made Easy course. From meeting new people, to ordering food, booking a hotel room, or asking and following directions, this course will teach you essential vocabulary for use in common real-life situations.

Private Teachers:

If you prefer the one-on-one teaching approach then there are plenty of private teachers in Medellin to help you. Study Spanish Colombia can recommend private teachers through their website:
As I said before, their website is a great resource for anyone wishing to Study Spanish in Medellin. They can help you with everything you need including where to study, visa requirements and discounts on travel insurance.

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