Oct 26, 2013

Renting A Room In Cali, Colombia

How To Rent A Room In Cali, Colombia
Thinking about renting a room in Cali, Colombia? If you are traveling here for more than a couple of weeks, I would advise finding a room in a private home to rent. Staying in a hostel dorm room for a month is likely to cost you around 600,000COP. You can get a room in a private home for about half that monthly rate. But the rooms aren't always easy to find. Renting a room in Cali isn't as easy as just jumping onto a real estate website and browsing the thousands of advertisements that would most likely come up if you were searching in your own country. Most people here don't advertise on the internet or in the classifieds section of the newspaper. Sure, if you try it, you will find a few, but I can guarantee it's only a small percentage of what's really available. So how do you find a room? Here are my tips....

Get to know the city:

My advice is to spend your first couple of weeks in Cali in a hostel. That way you can get to know the city a little, find the places you may want to spend most of your time, or places that have good access for you if you are working or studying here. It also gives you time to speak to the locals and fellow foreigners and find out which areas of the city are the safest and what you are likely to get for your money from one suburb to the next. Use that first couple of weeks to improve your Spanish as much as you can, the home owners you will be speaking with most likely will not speak English.

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Start Looking:

Ok, you have figured out which suburb you want to live in, well at least narrowed it down a bit. Now you can start looking. There are 2 websites that I know of that advertise rooms here: http://www.metrocuadrado.com and http://www.compartoapto.com. Once you have checked these out and the local newspapers, it's time to get your walking shoes on and hit the streets. The majority of home owners here advertise rooms for rent by posting a sign on the door or the window of their house, so the only way to find them is to walk up and down the streets in the area you want to live and look out for them. When you find them, knock on the door first to see if anyone is home, it's a bit more personal than just a phone call and it gives you an opportunity to introduce yourself to the owner and see the room straight away. This is why knowing a little Spanish is essential. If you don't think your Spanish is good enough, take a friend with you to translate.

Talk to the people working in the hostel or talk to some locals. Most likely someone can recommend a place or point you in the right direction.

Advantages Of Renting A Room In A Private Home:

* It's a great way to improve your Spanish.
* It's a great way to immerse yourself in Colombian culture.
* Most rooms costs about 300,000COP per month, which is about half of what you would pay in a hostel.
* You have your own space and privacy.
* usually the price will include services like gas, electricity, water and internet.

*This process is the same for all Colombian cities, so you will see this process repeated throughout this website.

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